It's very easy, and perhaps natural, to take the Sun for granted. We see it every day, and go to sleep every night confident that it will rise tomorrow. Its presence in our life is peripheral—like a big lightbulb in the sky. But the sun is so much more than the Earth's light-fixture.

When the celestial bodies were seen as the realm of the divine, the Sun was seen as a god. Through heliophysics and astronomy, we have learned that though the Sun may not be a god, the capabilities of the Sun have many life-giving qualities.

The Sun is an unimaginably strong energy powerhouse, a colossus compared to humans, and boasts a reign of nearly five billion years. Life on earth began because of the Sun, and it will also inevitably end because of it. Understanding this ball of fusion at the heart of our solar system is no easy task, but you can start by taking a journey to the center of our solar system in this episode.

Edited and narrated by: Daniel James Barker

Music by: Asthmatic Astronaut, [amt_23], Chris Zabriskie, and Joseph Barker

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