• "Size (i.e., qubit-count) is not the only aspect of the processor that has been improved. We have also lowered the noise and stretched the energy scale of the qubits (making them inherently more quantum mechanical), and we have strengthened our ability to create chains of qubits (making it easier to program the processor by locking qubits together to change the effective topology of the chip)."
  • The D-Wave prototype is not necessarily a universal quantum computer. It is not digital, nor error-correcting, nor fault tolerant. It is a purely analog machine designed to solve a particular optimization problem. It is unclear if it currently qualifies as a quantum device.
  • There are dozens of ways to build quantum computing systems. Qubits made from quantum dots could scale to many trillions. The early Dwave Systems could be the Wright Flyer of computing. It could beat the hot air balloons or blimps of computing.

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