Throughout the last two years, we've written extensively about creatures with amazing abilities, which include shape-shifting octopi that even can open a jar from the inside, caterpillars that look like, and perfectly mimic, one of nature's most feared creatures, the snake, and (one of my personal favorites), the Mantis Shrimp. Pretty much everything about the Mantis Shrimp is unbelievable — from its faster-than-a-speeding-bullet punch, its hydroxyapatite clubs that regenerate when they are severed from the body, to the supercavitation bubbles they produce when they strike prey with 1,500 newtons of force. 

Believe it or not, other animals have superpowers that somehow make the mantis shrimp seem weak. In yet another great video from Joe Hanson of "It's Okay to Be Smart," we learn more about these creatures and the super powers they possess.

WATCH: Nature's Most Amazing Animal Superpowers


This, of course, only covers a small number of creatures with astounding capabilities that no other animals have. Below, we've expanded on a few of the creatures mentioned in the video. We also included slides that showcase the diversity of nature. If we missed a favorite, make sure you tell us in the comments. 

SLIDESHOW: A Few of The Most Fascinating Creatures in the Animal Kingdom


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