Okay, so technically Chris Hadfield isn’t an interstellar rock star. At least, I don’t think that he’s sold too many CDs in the Orion System (or any other system aside from our own). As such, in this instance, I am using “interstellar” to mean something like “tubular,” “all that and a bag of chips,” or some similar term that is used to indicate awesomeness. If you followed Hadfield during his time on the International Space Station, you probably saw this video before. The song, ‘Is Somebody Singing,’ was written by Hadfield and the Barenaked Ladies.

It is hilarious. It is glorious. It is worth watching again and again. Which is why we are posing it now.

On December 21, 2012 Chris Hadfield and his team docked with the ISS (after a two-day flight aboard a Soyuz TMA-07M) and began their mission on the International Space Station (ISS). Hadfield was the first Canadian to command the ISS, and during his time on the spacecraft, he inspired an entire generation. Hadfield regularly posted images of the Earth from the ISS. He even took requests, zeroing in on our most cherished places and showing us what they look like when you are 220 miles (350km) above the surface of the Earth. He took time out of his day to speak with classrooms and answer students’ questions. At the end of his mission, he handed over command of the International Space Station to Russia’s Pavel Vinogradov, and returned home. It was a bittersweet moment as Earth welcomed home a great man and space bid him farewell. However, it was a long journey to get to that moment.

Here, we relive one of his most notable moments: Singing in space.

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