Starring in headlines recently with its own myriad of breakthroughs and controversies, Tesla Motors has yet again made another eye-popping headline —flinging its customers back into their seats with its Model X's 3.2 seconds, 0-60 acceleration.


Packed with a variety of functions that you won't find in any other SUVs, the Model X at its core, is an outstanding SUV to own. Living up to its promise of providing the safest, fastest, and most capable sport utility vehicle in history, Tesla Motors has since delivered effortless performance which can't be matched by any fossil fuel-fed SUV out there.

Although the car is reportedly falling short on its flashy 'Falcon Wings,' which received mixed reviews from the public. Apparently, they're slow and impractical. Not something SUV-loving parents want to deal with when trying to get four kids into the car.

Despite this, the car has some great features. "Everything fits," as Tesla describes it. The Model X can stow everyone's gear in its large front trunk, rear cargo area, and under passenger seats, delivering the family-oriented convenience people love from SUVs. Best of all, you're not killing the environment with harmful emissions. 

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