Tesla has been hitting some rough patches, with widely publicized crashes that were allegedly caused by its Autopilot feature. It seems those patches are about to get rougher, as another crash has been reported, this time in China.

Tesla has announced that one of its cars equipped with the Autopilot feature has crashed against a parked car on the side of the road.

The Model S, which is owned by programmer Luo Zhen, was driving in Beijing with the Autopilot turned on when it struck a car parked half off the road. This resulted in a side mirror that was sheered off and scrapes to both cars, but no injuries.

Luo was able to tape the incident with his dashcam and post it on Weibo.

But in a response to Reuters, Tesla officials blame the driver. "The driver of the Tesla, whose hands were not detected on the steering wheel, did not steer to avoid the parked car and instead scraped against its side."

Tesla manuals and instructions dictate that drivers must keep hands on the steering wheel at all times. So the argument is: The driver wasn't the one driving...so it's the driver's fault.

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