Tesla recently landed a contract to build the world's most powerful battery in South Australia, and according to a new announcement from the company, owners of their electric vehicles (EV) who want to visit that marvel won't need to worry about their own batteries dying along the way.

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"Our new Supercharger route in South Australia will soon allow Tesla owners to visit the world's largest battery site," the company announced via Twitter earlier today.

Superchargers are basically the equivalent of gas pumps for Tesla vehicles, but instead of gasoline, they output electricity. They require about 30 minutes to fully charge a Tesla, and stations are typically found near restaurants or shopping centers.

Currently, 945 Supercharger Stations are spread out across the globe, with 6,502 Superchargers distributed amongst them, and Tesla has already confirmed that that number is going to increase over the next few months. Based on this latest tweet, some of that network expansion will be happening in South Australia near where Tesla is building a new energy storage system that would work in combination with the Hornsdale Wind Farm.

Current and upcoming Supercharger stations in Australia. Image Credit: Tesla

That project is expected to be completed by December, so any Tesla owners interested in visiting the record-breaking battery in 2018 can rest assured that they won't have to go out of their way to find a Supercharger during the trip.

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