Stem Cells Restore Mobility and Sensory Perception to Paralyzed Rats

The treatment enabled about 40% of the paralyzed rats to walk again.

December 16, 2017

Scientists Discover a Way to Prevent Stem Cell Loss and Improve Tissue Regeneration

"We are excited to have a means of rescuing stem cells, boosting their ability to maintain healthy tissue."

December 8, 2017

Artificial Organs: We’re Entering an Era Where Transplants Are Obsolete

"I think within ten years we won't see any more heart transplants."

December 4, 2017

The FDA Wants to Expedite Approval of Regenerative Organ Therapies

Companies using stem cells to grow replacement organs may face fewer administrative obstacles.

November 17, 2017

An Organism That Regenerates Could Allow Us to Heal Humans

Regenerating species could lead to a new era in medicine.

November 10, 2017

Replacing Cells in the Human Brain Could Bring an End to Parkinson’s Disease

Cell replacement therapy may be the solution we've long dreamed of.

November 9, 2017

A New Algorithm Could Let Us Reprogram Any Cell Into Any Other Cell Type

We could turn skin cells into muscle cells — or anything else.

October 26, 2017

Here’s How The Latest Balding Cure Will Transform Lives

This treatment could help people who suffer from alopecia and other forms of hair loss.

October 20, 2017

New Stem Cell Line Could Open New Doors in Medical Research and Treatment

At least in mice, these cells can become any type of cell.

October 11, 2017
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