Studying How Parasites Swim May Help Us Combat Them

Parasites know what they're doing.

December 6, 2016

A New Generation of Faster Electronics Is on Its Way

Imagine supercomputer performance on your smartphone.

November 12, 2016

This Super-Elastic Polymer Could Lead to Artificial Skin and Muscle

This new polymer possesses impressive characteristics suitable for use as artificial skin.

April 22, 2016

New Stem Cell Innovation Could Lead to Therapy for Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis

This new technology uses an injectable fiber substrate to anchor neurons and mend damaged neurological tissue.

March 18, 2016

Stanford Engineers Use Rust to Make More Efficient Solar Cells

Engineers from Stanford University found a way to use metal oxide, such as rust, to make solar cells more efficient even when the sun is not shining.

February 28, 2016

New Battery From Stanford Can Turn Itself On and Off

This new battery technology could potentially end the hassles of overheating batteries and related fires.

January 13, 2016

A Paralyzed Patient Successfully Controlled a Tablet With Just Her Brain Waves

A team of scientists implanted electrodes into certain regions of a paralyzed patient's brain, allowing her to control her tablet, use a keyboard, and Google with ease

October 26, 2015
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