These HyperCells Can Move, ‘Think,’ and Build Cities on Their Own

The cells can build structures that can be modified at will.

April 23, 2016

House in a Backpack? This New Material Could Make It Happen

A team of Harvard researchers have designed a foldable material that can be programmed to assume almost any shape.

March 25, 2016

Predicting the Future: Here’s What Our Homes May Be Like in 100 Years

Flight, 3D printed furniture, deleteable walls - Here are just some of the things the next hundred years has to offer our homes.

March 3, 2016

This New Smart Surveillance Device Helps Prevent False Alarms

French company Netatmo unveils a new smart surveillance camera that can identify would-be intruders to determine if it poses a legitimate threat

January 10, 2016

Ford and Amazon Will Let You Talk to Your Car

Ford and Amazon are collaborating in order to allow users to connect their cars and homes via Amazon’s Echo.

January 7, 2016