Forget Airplane Mode. Smartphones May Soon Have ‘Driver Mode’

Apps, social media, and texting would all be blocked.

November 28, 2016

Governments Are Investing in Self-Driving Cars Because They Will Save Lives

Autonomous cars could prevent 95% of accidents. They could decrease fuel use by 90%. They will change everything.

October 28, 2016

iPhone Hacker Open-Sources Over 7 Hours of Autonomous Driving Data

Look ma, no hands!

August 4, 2016

Get Ready. Federal Regulations For Self-Driving Cars Are Coming Next Month

15 states currently have different rules for drivers and manufacturers.

June 15, 2016

Google’s Self-Driving Car Just Got Into an Accident

To date, Google’s self-driving cars have been involved in almost two dozen collisions.

March 1, 2016

Isle of Man Could Soon Be Home to a Fleet of Driverless Cars

The Isle of Man is trying to develop itself into a testing hub for driverless cars.

February 10, 2016

This Smart Car Algorithm Sees Pedestrians as Well as Humans Can

This new technology can help self driving cars determine if there are people crossing the road, and it operates as fast as we can.

February 10, 2016
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