Vox Space will go after the same US government contracts as SpaceX.

November 2, 2017

His Disaster Recovery Marshall Plan is being prepared in response to recent hurricanes.

November 1, 2017

The investment will also be used by Virgin Galactic's spin-off companies, Virgin Orbit and The Spaceship Company.

October 27, 2017

Even then, the ship will only fly at a height of about 50 miles.

October 20, 2017

Meet Virgin Hyperloop One.

October 12, 2017

The billionaire entrepreneur further explains his support of a societal safety net.

October 10, 2017

"My love for space is about how much it can do for people back here on Earth."

October 10, 2017

Tech folks see UBI as a way to solve the growing problem of robot automation, which they themselves are helping to create.

August 23, 2017

The CEO says clean energy jobs would be good for workers, the nation, and the world.

July 18, 2017