Richard Branson Just Endorsed Basic Income — Here Are 10 Other Tech Moguls Who Support the Radical Idea

Tech folks see UBI as a way to solve the growing problem of robot automation, which they themselves are helping to create.

August 23, 2017

Richard Branson Suggests the U.S. Focus on Clean Energy Instead of Reviving Coal

The CEO says clean energy jobs would be good for workers, the nation, and the world.

July 18, 2017

London to NY in 3 Hours: Boom & Virgin Set to Make Supersonic Planes a Reality

Supersonic planes might actually happen.

March 24, 2016

Virgin Galactic Will Soon Be Launching Tourists into Space with this Plane

Virgin unveils its most recent space plane as it gears up for space tourism in the wake of its recent deadly crash

February 21, 2016
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