Solar Power Is Cheaper, but the World Is Still Running on Fossil Fuels

If it’s not about money, what’s stopping us from going green?

April 20, 2017

Predicting 2017: How Future Energy Will Change Our Lives

The world will never be the same.

January 9, 2017

Six Countries Are Set to Completely Phase-Out Coal Power

Following the steps of what its made of, coal power is on the road to extinction.

November 30, 2016

Limitless Energy: MIT Set a New Record for Nuclear Fusion

Another step towards virtually unlimited clean energy.

October 16, 2016

Scientists Found a Significant New Source of Greenhouse Gases

A major renewable energy source could be contributing to global warming.

October 1, 2016

The Cost of Renewable Energy Is Plunging, and It’ll Change Everything

It's not just competing with fossil fuels; it's beating them.

September 29, 2016

Going Green: Microsoft Pledges to Run on 50% Renewable Energy by 2018

The company is even looking into storing their datacenters underwater to help with cooling.

September 26, 2016
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