Here's the latest attempt to make the "impossible" possible.

October 18, 2017

The shot-noise limit has prevented scientists from achieving the theoretical limits of super-sensitive measurements — until now.

October 9, 2017

"This is the beginning of a new field of computational science."

October 5, 2017

This could be a big clue in the hunt for a theory of everything.

September 21, 2017

The enduring weirdness of neutrinos (and their flavors).

August 28, 2017

How neutrinos with “fuzzy” quantum mass solve the solar neutrino problem.

August 26, 2017

Researchers have found a geometric structure that could redefine space-time, and provide a quantum theory of gravity.

August 21, 2017

Here's to a future without fakes.

July 5, 2017

These findings could open up new areas of research into how we might control quantum systems.

June 21, 2017

The "spooky" phenomenon can change how information is stored and transferred.

June 19, 2017