And it's really, really good.

March 23, 2018

Sensors enable a dancer to play the piano using only dance moves.

March 1, 2018

Humans no longer have a monopoly on creativity.

November 2, 2017

We’re already decentralizing finance. Entertainment is next.

August 30, 2017

"People dismiss sci-fi and technology as something that’s not cool and not glamorous, and I’ve made it my mission to change that."

August 30, 2017

You've never seen Zelda like this before.

March 22, 2017

The future of art hangs in the balance.

March 9, 2017

A showdown between Bach and DeepBach.

December 16, 2016

Could AI be the future of music?

September 24, 2016

It's time to face the music.

September 10, 2016