IBM Just Posted 5 Predictions About What Life Will Be Like in 2022

Bring on the superhero vision.

January 23, 2017

IBM’s Watson AI Recommends Same Treatment as Doctors in 99% of Cancer Cases

From quiz show champion to a weapon against cancer.

October 28, 2016

15 Percent of Big Banks Will Be Using Blockchain by 2017, Says IBM

Here comes the next financial revolution.

October 3, 2016

See The Eerie Sci-Fi Movie Trailer Made By IBM’s Artificial Intelligence

Kind of ironic, huh?

September 2, 2016

Samsung is making Super-Fast “Digital-Eyes” Using IBM’s Brain-Imitating Chip

Using brain power to create processing power.

August 17, 2016

IBM Made a ‘Crash Course’ For The White House, And It’ll Teach You All The AI Basics

TLDR is not in IBM's Dictionary! Creates a 101 for AI skeptics.

August 6, 2016

New Nanobiotech Chip May Help Doctors Discover Cancer Earlier

From lab-on-wheels to lab-on-chip

August 3, 2016
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