The End of Plastic Has Officially Arrived

Nations around the world are taking a stand against plastic waste.

January 17, 2018

The UK Prime Minister Is Working to End Plastic Litter by 2042

Theresa May is determined to end this problem.

January 12, 2018

2017 Saw the Costliest Disasters in U.S. History

The cumulative cost of natural disasters in 2017 was more than $300 billion.

January 9, 2018

Microsoft Is Using AI to Help Farmers Fight Climate Change. Will It Be Enough?

How much water and energy will this initiative conserve?

December 26, 2017

Thousands Were Saved Between 1990 and 2012 as Air Pollution Declined

We have the power to make a significant impact on the environment.

December 26, 2017

China Is Officially Enacting a Plastic Waste Import Ban

We'll need to find somewhere else to recycle our plastic.

December 8, 2017

UN Asserts That We Have Entered a “Planetary Crisis”

Plastic waste in the ocean is almost indistinguishable from jellyfish, a major food source for sea turtles — a mistake that can prove fatal.

December 7, 2017

Terraforming Other Worlds Begins With Geoengineering Our Own

"In the future, we may want to manipulate the climate on this planet to prevent it from going in a direction that is dangerous for life."

December 6, 2017

Officials Just Signed a Contract to Build The World’s First Floating Village

The floating village is set to come to life in three years.

November 30, 2017

Nutritious, Biodegradable Seaweed Is Edible — and Looks Like Plastic Wrap

This "plastic" wrap is edible and packed with vitamins.

November 21, 2017
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