Iran May Move to Create Its Own National Cryptocurrency

A single tweet has fueled great speculation.

February 26, 2018

The U.S. Government Has Held Over $1 Billion in Seized Cryptocurrency

Is Uncle Sam hoarding seized bitcoin?

February 26, 2018

3 Reasons Why Crypto Might Work For Venezuela (And Why It Might Not)

The petro supposedly raised $735 million in the first day of its presale, but there are still questions to be asked.

February 21, 2018

Western Union Confirms Plans to Experiment With Ripple

The company is the latest to give the crypto a shot.

February 15, 2018

We Still Don’t Have Any Rules Concerning Cryptocurrency Inheritance

Grieving families are left with more questions than answers.

February 13, 2018

Now Hackers Are Mining Crypto On Government Websites

Websites belonging to the National Health Service, the U.S. court system, and more were hijacked to mine cryptocurrency.

February 12, 2018

Here’s What We Know About the Crazy New Startup Where Scientists Use Crypto to Buy Your Genetic Data

Would you sell your DNA sequence to a company for crypto tokens?

February 12, 2018

Russian Nuclear Scientists Got Busted Mining Bitcoin Using Their Work Supercomputers

Putin's about to bring the hammer down.

February 12, 2018

Canada’s Blockchain Trial Adds Transparency to Government Funding

Canadians will be able to see who is getting money, how much, and more.

January 26, 2018

A New Platform Will Make Zero-Fee Crypto Trading a Reality

Robinhood is making trading crypto cheap. Really cheap.

January 25, 2018
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