New Apple Patent Shows a Bendable iPhone Using Carbon Nanotubes

In the future, you could fold your iPhone in half without cracking the screen.

November 4, 2016

Scientists Use Nanotechnology to Make Plants Capable of Detecting Landmines

That's right, scientists made "bomb sniffing spinach" a thing.

November 3, 2016

Graphene-Fed Silkworms Produce a Super-Strong Silk That Conducts Electricity

Easily produced conductive silk could be on the way.

October 10, 2016

For First Time Ever, Carbon Nanotube Transistors Have Outperformed Silicon

It has begun.

September 6, 2016

Jackpot! NASA Just Released 56 Patented Technologies Into the Public Domain

Aerogel, life-support systems, better rockets...and it's all free.

May 11, 2016

Gene Editing Made Easier, Thanks to Carbon Nanotubes

The limitations of current gene editing tech may be overcome.

April 11, 2016
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