The headset promises to seamlessly blend the digital world with reality.

December 22, 2017

Its resolution is more than 70X beyond any other announced head-mounted display (including Magic Leap).

June 26, 2017

It looks like it came right out of Netflix’s “Black Mirror.”

April 12, 2017

Get ready for Star Trek styled holograms.

January 26, 2017

Transform Any Room into a Virtual Battlefield With This Headset

December 20, 2016

We're getting closer to seeing what the magic is all about.

December 7, 2016

Your room becomes the crime scene in this virtual detective game.

November 24, 2016

Augmented reality is making neurosurgery safer.

November 24, 2016

This is a whole new way to experience art.

November 23, 2016