Scientists May Have Found a Simple Solution to a 40-Year-Old Space Mystery

We may finally know the origin of our galaxy’s excessive amount of antimatter.

May 23, 2017

A Revolutionary Test Uncovered a Key Fact About the Nature of Antimatter

Though we're still in the dark about how there's so much more matter than antimatter.

December 20, 2016

Would it Be Possible to Build a Death Star?

This decades-old question explores the science behind building this massive weapon of mass destruction.

December 17, 2016

Physicists Have Figured Out How to Create Matter and Antimatter Using Light

Soon, we may have a viable way to make antimatter.

September 27, 2016

We Might Actually Be Able To Make Star Trek’s Photon Torpedoes

Will science fiction once more meet science fact?

July 22, 2016

Harvard Scientists Say They May Have Detected Dark Matter Annihilation

The emission of gamma rays at the center of the galaxy could be the result of dark matter annihilating “dark antimatter.”

March 28, 2016
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