Australia is Deploying AI Drones to Help Prevent Shark Attacks

The AI software's creators claims a 90 percent accuracy rate, compared to humans' 20-30 percent.

August 28, 2017

Genetic Engineering Can Help Us Save Animals’ Lives

Animals could benefit from tech like CRISPR, but the FDA stands in the way.

March 18, 2017

Is the Human Mind Really Different Than Other Animals?

Let's do some thinking about thinking.

August 22, 2016

Meet the Tardigrade: The Toughest Animal on Earth

Not only can the tardigrade survive extreme temperatures, but it can also withstand radiation and the extreme vacuum of space!

January 23, 2016

How A Huge Biological Mistake Helps Explain Life As We Know It

New research suggests an answer to a crucial mystery in the history of life and may pave the way in the fight against cancer.

January 14, 2016