Asem Hasna was a mathematics student who volunteered as a paramedic in 2013, where he lost his leg as Bashar al-Assad's military forces attacked a small town southwest of Damascus. He had to be smuggled in a truck, among other injured victims, to get medical treatment at different hospitals, while bullets flew overhead.

But after the impossibly difficult ordeal, he sprang back gracefully—not only getting back on his own feet but helping others to get back on theirs. He quickly learned how to use 3D printers and created a piece that would help stabilize his own prosthetic leg, and then went on to take part in helping others with the technology as well as passing on knowledge.

3D printing has proven, and continues to prove its power to change lives. “There’s practical applications using 3D printers for low cost solutions. My world opened up with open source technology. It changed my life for the better and I want to pass that on to the next generation,” Hasna says.

He is currently working with Refugee Open Ware since 2014 to employ technologies to help people in crisis areas.

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