Despite advances in 3D technology, 3D scanning still has a lot of limitations. While it may be easy to scan whole objects, using existing technologies to try to map a specific part, like your own hand, would prove to be nearly impossible.

However, a new creation may be about to change all that.

Pieter Smakman, a recent graduate, just created the custom-built Curatio scanner (in cooperation with Vectory3 and the TU Delft), which can detail a 3D model of your hand simply by placing it through a ring.

Remarkably, the device is built from off-the-shelf parts, including the Raspberry Pi mini-PC, 32 cameras, and laser pointers.

Image Credit: Pieter Smakman
Potential Future

Currently, the device is just a one-off (no other models are in the works). So while there are no guarantees that it will eventually hit the market, it does offer a lot of potential in various fields.

For starters, this could prove to be an efficient device for health care—orthopedics, especially—where you can use the device to get the exact contours and measurements of a particular body part. For manufacturing, it could be used by designers who want to create customized gear, or it can be used to simulate real hands in the virtual world.

You can check out the video of how it works, here:

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