Live Long and Prosper

Star Trek is returning to TV, just in time for its 50th year anniversary after being absent from television since Enterprise ended its four season run in 2005. The new series will be produced by Alex Kurtzman and is set to premier in CBS on January 2017. The series sees Kurtzman continue his work on the cult franchise after producing the last two Star Trek films. This will also be the first original series to be made specifically for CBS All Access, the network’s digital video-on-demand platform. It will feature a new story and introduce new characters to explore new world and civilizations.

Star Trek and Science

Since it premiered in 1966, Star Trek has featured technology and concepts borrowed from actual scientific developments and has inspired generations of scientists. From the crew’s communicators that functioned much like today’s ubiquitous cellphones to the matter-antimatter power generator, Star Trek pushed many theoretical technologies into the limelight.

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