This stunning video of the Milky Way comes from Konstantinos Vasilakakos Photography. Vasilakakos spent over 4 months making this  time-lapse of our galaxy (working on the project from May to September 2014). Over the course of this period, he moved to various locations across the countryside in order to bring the viewer a diverse array of vantage point from which to see our home galaxy. To do this, he had to walk many kilometers from his village in Petrílon, Greece in order to escape the light from nearby towns and cities (which pollute the sky and obscure the stars).

Vasilakakos asserts that composing this piece was no easy task, as he had to stay awake many nights in order to ensure that his camera was functioning properly and that the skies were clear. However, in the end, he states that this was a task that he happily completed (personally, one of my favorite parts is the end of the film, where we see him working throughout the night off to the side of the camera). Vasilakakos recounts his experience, stating:

I just sat outside covered with a goatwool blanket and gazed the night sky while my camera was capturing the night sky. I believe that this is my best night sky work so far...the best part of life is to live in the mountains under the night sky.

The Milky Way is just one galaxy of billions upon trillions of galaxies, each with billions of stars and planets with strikingly different views. Here, we take a look at some of the more abnormally shaped galaxies: the lenticulars.

Stunning Lenticular Galaxies:


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