An Iridium flare so bright it is reflected in a pond. Credit and copyright: Thierry Legault.

The other day, we explained Iridium, an American company which operates the Iridium satellite system, and the amazing flares that are produced by these objects. And coincidentally, today (or rather, the other night), we bring you a spectacular view of these flares.

Astrophotographer Thierry Legualt caught them in action on a video.

“Usually they are photographed in long exposures,” Legault told Universe Today via email. “But last summer I filmed three of them in the Big Dipper and Orion, and they were so bright a pond reflected the flare. In video you can see the real speed of the event.”

“A really bright one can take your breath away,” wrote Bob King, a writer at Universe Today. “I’ve been lucky enough to witness a few –8 passes and can only describe the experience as alarming. It’s not natural to see a starlike object glow so brilliantly. If you’ve ever wondered what a nearby supernova might look like, treat yourself to one of these.”

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