• According to Wall Street gossip, Apple is "exploring the AR space." Of course, as the world's most valuable company, its R&D department is exploring electric cars, a media organization, and lots of other "moonshot"-type projects. Still -- if AR ends up being as profound as the smartphone, as many futurists believe, you would expect the largest computer makers to at least dip a toe into the space.
  • Apple has also purchased AR companies in the past, like Metaio, which Road To VR points out has 171 patents related to augmented reality. Apple also bought the company that designed the first Kinect sensors for Microsoft. Apple has patents of its own, and has certainly considered a headset that would use an iPhone as a screen.
  • Apple sells 10s of millions of iPhones per year and singlehandedly turned smartwatches into an international area of interest. It goes without saying that if Apple were to develop and release a virtual reality or augmented reality device it would change the landscape of the current market. 

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