• In 2010 alone, SolarCity alone did not generate 1 GWh/ of electricity from its consumers. Three years later in 2013, SolarCity surpassed the 1 GWh/day mark, only to reach both 2 GWh/day and 3GWh a day benchmarks in 2014.
  • With over 168,000 customers now, SolarCity is aiming for the ambitious target of 1 million consumers by July 2018. This is going to be critical as the company advances its daily consumer electricity generation. Motley Fool last spring suggested they would have to attract an average of 15,254 monthly customers from May 2014 until its July 2018 target date.
  • As SolarCity seeks more efficiencies and innovations to increase its customer base, rapidly declining solar prices, along with increasing climate change concerns, will provide underlying support in the leading residential solar installer’s growth, and overall electricity generation milestones.

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