• Snips has been around for a while, focusing on smart data analysis with a lot of data scientists and PhDs working for the company. The team didn’t have a product or business model in mind. It experimented for a while, launching projects around smart cities, such as Tranquilien, a service that predicts how busy your train is going to be, or a smart empty parking spot prediction service.
  • By gathering as much data as possible, such as location data and calendar data, the company can show you what you need. For example, if you’re at the end of a meeting and look at your phone, Snips could suggest you to launch Citymapper with your next meeting’s location already predefined thanks to deep-linking.
  • Snips will face tough competition from both Apple and Google as iOS 9 will suggest apps depending on what you are doing and provide a universal search feature with deep-linked results.

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