• Sirius, developed by researchers at the University of Michigan’s Clarity Lab, aims to do what those programs can with an open source twist. Other backers include the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the US military’s research wing, and the National Science Foundation.
  • The idea is that anybody can contribute to the program on GitHub, a site for coders to collaborate. It’s also being released under a BSD license, documents on the project’s GitHub indicate, meaning that it will be completely free for anyone to use or distribute.
  • Sirius already has capabilities lacking from its corporate counterparts. For example, you can take a picture, feed it to Sirius, and ask a question about it. Siri can’t do that. But, unlike Siri, Sirius isn’t exactly elegant; it’s a patchwork of other open source projects that, when stitched together, give Sirius its capabilities.

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