Here at From Quarks to Quasars, our team is working to spread scientific literacy in a fun, easily digestible fashion -- by showcasing some of the most recent scientific developments in a way that the average person can comprehend. Our philosophy centers around ensuring that everyone (regardless of education, location, language, economic situation, or background) has free access to said developments in technology and research. By increasing the amount of scientific material that is seen and understood by the general public, we hope to help others look at the world around them with rationalism and skepticism -- ultimately allowing them to separate science fact from science fiction using the scientific method.


With this in mind, our ultimate goal is to raise money to host scholarships and grants. This, in turn, will aid the next generation of scientists and encourage individuals to take part in scientific studies. We also hope to raise money to assist nonprofits that are working to achieve similar goals (all of our articles are free, and they always will be).


Consequently, if you are looking for a gift for yourself or for a fellow science lover, this is a great place to get cool items and contribute to a good cause. In addition to helping us with our day-to-day operational fees, your contribution will be used to help us achieve the aforementioned goals. With your help, we can help ensure that this generation has the tools they will need to succeed.


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Science on,

~The FQtQ Team

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