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Seed Probiotics Go Beyond Buzzwords With a Science-Based Approach to Gut Health

Your gut health is too important for fads.

11. 27. 19 by Futurism Creative
Image by Seed

As you walk up and down the juice or health-food aisles at your local grocery store, you’ll probably see plenty of labels touting the benefits of probiotics for gut health, and the significance of gut health on your overall wellness. But like a lot of worthwhile concepts, probiotics have been twisted and misrepresented by those who are only looking to make a quick buck. Many pseudo-scientific hucksters tout probiotic products that don’t actually offer any scientifically documented health benefits. Luckily, Seed probiotics are based on a solid, scientific foundation rather than fads or gimmicks.

The Seed Daily Synbiotic


Seed is a collective entity made up of not just scientists, but other researchers as well as entrepreneurs. The flagship project of this collective is what they call the Daily Synbiotic. This, unlike many other products that are supposed to be “probiotic” in some shape or form, is wholly based on real scientific research and shows real physical benefits in people who take it every day.

Marketing aside, those benefits are well known, and people are learning more and more about the importance of gut health to one’s overall well being. Seed’s Daily Synbiotic was developed by research partners located all across the globe, and the result is more than 20 completely organic probiotic strains that have had documented success in dozens of scientific studies. These probiotics were then combined with what Seed calls “prebiotics,” plant fibers and other compounds that feed good bacteria in the gut, to produce the Seed Daily Synbiotic.

The benefits of Seed Probiotics extend far beyond digestive health. They have been shown to improve heart health, skin, the immune system, reproductive health, and even anti-oxidative stress.


Many traditional probiotics are destroyed early in the digestive process before your body can take advantage of their supposed benefits. That’s why Seed Daily Synbiotic uses a technology called ViaCap. ViaCap is a two-in-one capsule that combines Seed probiotics and prebiotic ingredients in a way that keeps everything effective throughout the digestive process. An inner capsule keeps Seed probiotics viable until they’re farther along your digestive tract where they can do the most good. This is surrounded by an outer capsule loaded with a prebiotic blend made from Indian pomegranate, Scandinavian chaga mushroom, and pine bark. The outer capsule also acts as a membrane that protects Seed probiotics from your stomach’s natural acids. Here’s a diagram:

Seed Probiotics Are Protected By ViaCap Technology


Another sign that Seed’s Daily Synbiotic is not just another lazy probiotic cash-in is the fact that it comes in two versions: one tailored for males, and another specifically for females. The male version comes with 20 probiotic strains including two that work to improve muscle recovery. The female version, on the other hand, has 24 probiotic strains including those that have been shown to work on female-focused studies in fields like skin health and even fertility.

Whether you opt for the male or female formulation, the Daily Synbiotic is available exclusively from Seed via a subscription. Each month, you’ll get 60 capsules. Your first month will also include a refillable glass jar and travel vial. After that, your refills will arrive in environmentally sustainable packaging.

So if you’re ready to check out the Seed Daily Synbiotic, head over to Seed’s official site right now to get started.


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