One of the most fascinating angles of science fiction is time travel. I mean, Doctor Who (and his wacky, time traveling hijinks) has remained a relevant pop culture fixture for more than half a century now (bar a few years here and there).. For obvious reasons, I might add. Not the least of which is because time travel itself is pretty tempting. Pretty much all of us, at some point in our lives, wished we could go back and do something differently (even if the results wound up being a catastrophic, paradox-ridden, nightmare).

Only, the laws of physics seem to indicate that, for all intents and purposes, time travel is all but impossible. However, the laws that rule it out typically deal with the macroscopic world. All bets are off quantumly speaking. In this video, the always-amazing Joe Hanson — from "It's Okay to Be Smart" — explains how we can see quantum time travel easily and inexpensively.

WATCH: "How to See Time Travel!!!"

Building a cosmic ray detector also gives us the opportunity to put Einstein's theory of special relativity to the test, so everyone that can conduct this experiment should. Because, science!

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