The dwarf planet, Ceres (Image Credit: ESA/ATG medialab)

Ceres is a small world situated between Mars and Jupiter in the asteroid belt. Long before it was known to be a dwarf planet, astronomers believed it to be a planet, then an asteroid and categorized it as such—warranting further exploration. Only recently did we learn just how fascinating this unique minor planet is, and we can thank NASA's 'Dawn' mission for that.

In the short span of time it has spent with Ceres, it has already revolutionized our understanding of this world—bringing a number of unexpected traits to light (including its discovery of a series of bright spots on Ceres' surface).

While not all of these traits can be seen from high altitudes, you can see Ceres as a whole from birds-eye view in this video tour from NASA, which utilizes images taken by Dawn during the last leg of its 3.1-billion-mile (4.9-billion-kilometer) journey. (More information below)

WATCH: "Fly Over Dwarf Planet Ceres"

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