(Screenshot via General Electric)

This story started back in 2013, when the company behind General Electrics fist started examining what happens when certain environmentally conscious materials interact with normal, everyday objects, and how they hold up under extreme pressures.

See how the rubber ducky faired, then compare the results to those of various other objects (including heavy-duty mugs, baseballs, seashells, cans, and even rubber bands). It seems safe to say, this is one duck that won't be splishing or splashing in the bath. Not on a friday night, or any other.

WATCH: "GE Advanced Materials Testing - Everyday Objects Compilation"

As an aside, another interesting experiment was carried out with an air gun (because, science!); whereby air reached the impressive speed of 140 miles per hour with such force that, as you can see, it poked holes in the material.

Hat tip to the Nerdist and Kyle Hill (Science-Based Life)


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