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This Week In Science

April 28-May 4


A newly released paper details Stephen Hawking's final theory on the multiverse

A commercial genealogy website leads to the arrest of the Golden State Killer

NASA cancels its only moon rover project, Resource Prospector

A biotech company starts developing an at-home CRISPR diagnostics kit

18 States are suing the EPA for stripping auto emissions regulations

Genome sequencing could help scientists stop an E. coli outbreak

This Week In Science

April 21-27


Scientists store an entire music album in strands of DNA

Researchers begin working on a vaccine for people addicted to bath salts

A new analysis suggests California is in for extreme floods and droughts

Neuroscientists manage to keep a pig brain alive outside the body

A team of researchers propose sequencing the DNA of all species on Earth

Finland ends its universal basic income trial to make space for a welfare program

This Week In Science

April 14-20


SpaceX launches NASA’s exoplanet-hunting telescope on a Falcon 9

A newly-developed CRISPR tool allows for gene editing outside of the cell

A research team produces an artificial mole that can detect cancer early

170 U.S. legislators call for Scott Pruitt to step down

The Environmental Defense Fund reveals a satellite that can detect methane leaks

A study suggests Viagra could become the next cancer drug

This Week In Science

April 7-13


Apple tells the EPA it should leave Obama's Clean Power Plan alone

Helix, a new 23andMe competitor, will offer DNA tests for serious genetic diseases

Scientists may now know if antidepressants will work before prescribing pills

A man experiences thunderclap headaches after eating the world's hottest chili pepper

Two new climate studies predict a new ice age may actually happen soon

Researchers harvest their first crop of Antarctica-grown vegetables

This Week In Science

March 31-April 6


SpaceX successfully launches a Falcon 9 with the most reused parts ever

Astronomers spot the most distant star ever seen thanks to gravitational lensing

Chinese space station, Tiangong-1, crashes into the Pacific Ocean

A California judge calls for cancer warnings on coffee

The USDA announces it will not regulate gene-edited crops

Mind-controlled mice navigate a complex maze, and no longer crave food

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