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This Week In Science

October 7-13


Scientists discovered a drug that fixes cavities and regrows teeth

Astronomers found half of the missing matter in our universe

South Korea unveiled a "blackout bomb" that can wipe out electrical grids

An FDA panel approved a gene therapy treatment that fixes hereditary blindness

A hole the size of Maine opened up in Antarctica's ice blanket

Researchers found a protein that causes cancer cells to literally self-destruct

This Week In Science

September 30-October 6


The Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded for the discovery of "ripples" in spacetime

SETI bet everyone a cup of coffee that we'll find intelligent life in 20 years

Scientists conducted the first ever quantum video call between Beijing and Vienna

The city of Dubai launched their own blockchain-based cryptocurrency

Ikea announced a prototype mini-farm capable of growing food three times faster

A massive solar storm hit Mars, causing a global aurora and doubling radiation

This Week In Science

September 23-29


Researchers restored consciousness in a man after 15 years in a vegetative state

Russia announced a partnership with NASA to build a lunar space station

Elon Musk challenged Mercedes' parent company to invest $10 billion in EVs

Astronomers detected new gravitational waves from a black hole collision

Bill Gates asserts that artificial intelligence is not a threat to humanity

A quantum computing method is invented which uses more than a million qubits

This Week In Science

September 16-22


Scientists have sequenced an 18 million year old species that cloned itself

Bitcoin was used to pay for a new home in Texas for the first time

An electric bus broke the world record for distance traveled on a single charge

Dubai jump started its autonomous taxi service with 50 Tesla cars

China has claimed they have created an EM Drive

Tesla has revealed possible plans for a new battery swapping station

This Week In Science

September 9-15


Scientists think a faulty immune system may be the root cause of depression

A $100 million plan was launched to make a synthetic spinal cord to end paralysis

Organisms were found that are distinct from any life forms known to science

For the first time ever, an alien planet was discovered that has "titanium skies"

New DNA evidence has confirmed the existence of female Viking warriors

The CEO of JPMorgan claimed that Bitcoin is a "fraud" that will eventually blow up

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