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February 17-23


A team of scientists merge a sheep embryo with human stem cells

Researchers develop a graphene filter that cleans water with a single pass

China will plant 32,400 square miles of trees to combat air pollution

The FDA approves a blood test to check for concussions

A new analysis finds that GMO corn increases yields and has health benefits

Chinese doctors are using gene-edited T-cells to treat advanced forms of cancer

This Week In Science

February 10-16


Researchers reverse the effects of Alzheimer's in mice models

A newly-developed pill kills the flu virus in just 24 hours

NASA's K2 mission finds nearly 100 new exoplanets outside our Solar System

Researchers discover a new type of vision by putting 3D glasses on praying mantises

A new software can determine an exact time of death by analyzing gene activity

NASA breaks the record for images captured the farthest distance from Earth

This Week In Science

February 3-9


SpaceX successfully launches their Falcon Heavy Rocket for the first time

Regenerating hair follicles could help eliminate scars entirely

Scientists investigate if an ancient poison could be the future of male birth control

Astronomers detect the first evidence of planets in another galaxy

Researchers use Deep Brain Stimulation to reduce the effects of Alzheimer's

A new study suggests the ozone hole is not healing as expected

This Week In Science

January 6-12


Astronomers announce they will produce the first-ever image of a black hole in 2018

Satellite evidence shows human activity is helping heal the ozone

Researchers develop an algae-powered fuel cell

Bill Gates said cancer therapies could "control all infectious diseases"

The James Webb Space Telescope successfully completes vacuum testing

New York sues polluters and divests pension funds from fossil fuels

This Week In Science

December 16-22


A report found that 3 meat producers generate more CO2 than all of France

A baby was successfully born from an embryo frozen for 24 years

A pharmaceutical company applied to run the first CRISPR clinical trial

The New York Times revealed details of a top secret UFO investigation program

Scientists may have uncovered the earliest direct evidence of life on Earth

A team of researchers used stem cells to restore mobility in previously paralyzed rats

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