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July 28-August 3


Lab-grown lungs can now be successfully transplanted into pigs

Researchers find that geckos can regenerate parts of their brain

The TSA had air marshals follow some travelers' every move since March

A new study reveals terraforming Mars using nuclear weapons is impossible

NASA reveals five finalists in its Mars Haitat Design Competition

Legal questions surround blueprints for a 3D-printable "ghost gun"

This Week In Science

July 21-27


A research team detects a huge lake of liquid water under the surface of Mars

Federal agencies suggest major changes to the Endangered Species Act

A European court rules that gene-edited crops are GMOs

A security company confirms that Russians hacked U.S. electrical companies

A startup called Civil is trying to fix journalism by putting it on the blockchain

China cracks down on a company producing unsafe vaccines

This Week In Science

July 17-23


An ethics committee says creating GM babies is "morally permissible"

The FDA approves the first drug to treat smallpox

The UK confirms its first spaceport will be in Sutherland, Scotland

AI experts vow they won't help create lethal autonomous weapons

A new report suggests we may have reached a turning point in the opioid crisis

New information reveals how Russian hackers hacked American inboxes

This Week In Science

July 7-13


The first privately-funded spacecraft may land on the moon in February

Doctors repair a child's damaged heart by transplanting mitochondria

Cochlear implants allow gerbils to "hear" light

Starbucks replaces all plastic straws with "sippy cups" for adults

Decades of research does suggest breastfeeding is best

Research suggests removing old oil rigs may do more harm than good

This Week In Science

June 30-July 6


20 live mice were launched into space to see how space affects their sleep

A new study claims that shocking a person's brain could make them less violent

Faulty diet studies undermine everything we know about nutrition

NASA starts testing a "quiet" supersonic jet

Seattle becomes the first major U.S. city to ban plastic straws and utensils

A new AI can figure out the cause of a volcanic eruption by analyzing ash

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