Flexible Batteries

Samsung SDI, Samsung’s battery-manufacturing arm, recently unveiled two new batteries at the InterBattery 2015 expo in Seoul, South Korea called Stripe and Band. These new batteries represent major strides in mobile battery technology as energy sources for wearable gadgets become critical to the future success of the market. The Stripe battery is a next-generation product that boasts an innovative energy density and can be bent to conform to various devices, like wristbands, straps and other wearables. The prototype features cutting-edge materials in its slim 0.3mm-thick profile. The Band battery is geared more towards smartwatches and is intended to go around the wristband and can enhance the battery capacity by over 50%, according to Samsung.

Wearables and Battery

Wearable tech has been on the rise, but battery technology has struggled to keep up. Smartwatches are already capable of being ultra slim but to able to run all day, bulkier batteries are currently the only option. Slimmer batteries would allow manufacturers to create smaller and more flexible mobile gadgets.

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