• In its current form, the Robotbase is a 4-foot tall robot that sits on a wide base with a telescoping arm that holds its screen, camera and other sensors. Huynh likened it to a really smart smart-home hub that goes beyond the standard tasks of those devices because it can’t just aggregate data from those tools, but also move around your home.
  • What really sets Robotbase’s efforts apart, however, is what the team calls “talents.” These are basically apps you can install on the Gen X. Say you are having a party. The Personal Robot, with its built-in image recognition skills and camera, can become your party photographer.
  • The company hopes to eventually sell its robot for under $1,500 — and maybe even $1,000. The Kickstarter campaign starts at $995 (limited to the first 50 backers). It’ll likely go on sale by the end of 2015 and while Robotbase plans to sell directly to consumers, it is also exploring relationships with brick-and-mortar retailers.

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