Not-So-Simple Tasks

We may have robots that can beat us at at chess, solve a Rubik’s Cube, and even run concierge desks, but we have yet to create one that can successfully complete some of the most basic human tasks…like pouring drinks.

Unfortunately, this was a fact that Heweilai, a Chinese restaurant chain, failed to look into before it invested in several robot waitstaff units worth $7,000 each. In fact, two of the restaurants were forced to close after the robots' uselessness was discovered.

According to a non-robotic employee, the bots couldn’t complete some of the most basic tasks required by the restaurant, including pouring hot water, carrying soup or taking orders from customers.

The source also shared that the machines often broke down. While the maintenance and repair costs were still lower than the amount the restaurant had to pay for a full time, human waiter, it seems that the goal of replacing the entire team with efficient machines is still a long way off.

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