If you think it's real, what is it? (We always love hearing your thought process as well)


You know the rules:


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and the answer is ....


This is totally, 100% real, and incredibly beautiful, isn't it? What you are looking at is a thin segment of a meteorite, NWA 6207 (a CV3 carbonaceous chondrite), in particular. as seen in cross-polarized light.


According to John Kashuba, "NWA 6207 makes it easy for us to see that its components went through a succession of processes before they were delivered to us. Existing large mineral grains were incorporated into chondrules. Chondrules formed, solidified and then were included in subsequent chondrules. Mineral grains evolved, chondrules gained layers and their internal glasses crystallized."


Meteorites in the C3V category, which is where NWS 6207 falls, are rare and contain lots of carbon (hence the 'C' for Carbonaceous Chondrite) and olivine crystals. Lots more information here.


If you were correct, good job! If not, better luck next time. Special thanks to Shirvan Basdeo, for the incredible laugh I (and many others, i'm sure) had after reading your perfectly legitimate guess concerning Nicki Minaj.


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