• The idea is to use a distributed system composed of a multitude of small light deflecting units (cm-sized to µm-sized). These units will be uniformly scattered over a disc shaped plane and kept in place using different techniques (radiation pressure and/or electric fields and/or magnetic fields, or other methods).
  • Large distributed light deflectors can be used for correcting the orbit of asteroids on collision course with Earth: the solar radiation can be focused on a spot, where the asteroid material will be vaporized and ejected into space, pushing on the asteroid by reaction effect.
  • The pressure of light radiation can be used to propel a spacecraft equipped with a light sail, which would reflect the solar light concentrated by a large distributed deflector. Because the spacecraft will not need to carry the propellant and the energy source, it can be made very light and high accelerations can be possible, thus allowing fast traveling between solar system locations.

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