MirrorMe3D has partnered with 3D Systems to create 3D-printed models that "augment" a patient's cosmetic surgery experience. The patients and surgeons will now be able to see an accurate model of the face post-procedure, making the service more personalized and patient-centric. The models are created with the latest Geomagic Studios and Geomagic FreeForm software, and are printed with 3D System's ProJet 660. A big issue that patients face before undergoing surgery is the fact that they are uncertain of how it'll turn out, but these 3D printed models aim to reduce that uncertainty.

"Paradigm Shift"

Dr. Glenn Jelks of NYU Medical Center calls this technology a "paradigm shift," since it gives the surgeon a "printed scorecard telling you the volume of tissue, whether it be bone, soft tissue, or fat injection, that's required for the reconstruction." With 3D printed models, instruments, and implants, the future of a more patient-centric healthcare system is well on the way.

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