If quantum physics has taught us one thing, it's that the universe is inherently probabilistic at heart. This, however, mostly pertains to activity on the atomic scale. For all other odds, uncertainty is a certainty. Look at it this way. each and every person that has ever lived is the pure result of chance. What if your grandparents never met, and never had your parents  (they in turn, they would have never had you). Then, add in the huge number of biological factors one must take into account. What if your parents didn't have sex the night on which you were conceived? The next time they had sex and conceived, a different sperm and egg would be fertilized instead of the combination that made you. We could literally go on and on and on (for those of you who are interested in a specific number, some scientists calculate the probability of you existing exactly as you are, at this very moment, at about one in 400 trillion [or 4×1014]).

Some odds are seemingly insurmountable, but there are certain odds that can be predicted. In this head-scratching video, using science and math, SciShow tells us how to predict the odds of pretty much any conditional probability you can think of.

WATCH: "How to Predict the Odds of Anything"

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