PlayStation VR will come with wearable bands and a gaming pad

The Announcement

Recent patent filings indicate that Sony will be releasing a “Gaming Device with Volumetric Sensing” (a gaming pad) and wearable bands with cameras for both wrists along with the PlayStation VR Headset during the 2016 launch. The gaming pad’s sensors detect hand movements, which then sends the signals to the gaming console to control the gameplay. Other than a camera, the wearable bands will be equipped with LEDs and inertial sensors that will help increase the detection accuracy of hand and finger movements.

(Illustration from demonstrating the gaming pad)
The Implications

The Playstation VR headset will likely be one of the most advanced headsets to hit the market next year. The wireless gaming pad and the wearable bands will spare PlayStation VR from any controllers, providing gamers with a unique VR experience like no other.

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