• It is estimated that every year it [electronic data] grows exponentially by 40 percent. If it is to continue, then in about 2020, the chip size will shrink down to the atomic level where quantum mechanics rule. Thus, the speed-up of classical computation power faces a major challenge. 
  • In 2013, Seth Lloyd, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor and his fellows have published a paper which presented the idea of quantum algorithms for machine learning, showing its exponential speed as an alternative way over traditional algorithms.
  • Through the quantum state of superposition, a single quantum object can perform a calculation on two numbers simultaneously, two quantum objects can handle 4 numbers, 3 objects for 8 and 20 objects for over one million numbers. The Chinese scientist added that with such speed, a computing task that will take years to complete in a classical computer will only take a quantum computer about one second.

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