• "I think we're heading towards a world of what I call "technological socialism." Where technology—not the government or the state—will begin to take care of us. Technology will provide our healthcare for free. The best education in the world—for free. We'll have access to more and more energy, better quality water, more nutritious food. So, the cost of living and having your fundamentals met will come down."
  • "So I think we're heading towards a world where people will be able to spend their time doing what they enjoy rather than what they need to be doing. There was a Gallup poll that said something like 70 percent of people in the United States do not enjoy their job—they work to put food on the table and get insurance to survive. "
  • "I think we are going to whittle away what it means to be human. I think that many of the things that we believe only humans can do are things that we will discover that limited AI or general AI can take on. That may mean art. That may include compassion. That may include many things. I come to this with a scientific point of view, not a philosophical or religious one, meaning I am open to discovering what it is."

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