The Breakthrough

The processes done through 3D printing have shown that it drastically reduces the time it will take for engineers and designers to come up with a concept, create them and then begin the testing phase. A conclusion from a report that was published in August by Stratasys Direct Manufacturing (SDM) says that people should see this as an everyday business decision instead for it to catch up in the manufacturing industry.

The Implications

Jim Bartel, the senior vice president of Stratasys Direct Manufacturing says that 3D printing's next phase is to start bringing this technology into the assembly line. This is currently happening in a few industries at this time, and Stratasys has a direct involvement in this progress. Last November 2014 for example, 3D printed parts from Stratasys were installed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to one of their satellites that was bound for space. The people in SDM sees this technology as the solution to meet the needs of a business for their customers.

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