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This Powerful VPN Will Help You Take Back Your Online Privacy and Security

And right now, NordVPN is more affordable than ever.

3. 26. 20 by Futurism Creative
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Do you want to prevent hackers from intercepting your usernames, passwords, and credit card information? Do you want to keep Internet Service Providers, government agencies, and data brokerage firms from keeping tabs of every single thing you read, watch, buy, or download online? If the answer to those questions is yes—and it absolutely should be—you need to get a VPN. And it just so happens that now is a great time to do that, because NordVPN, one of the best and most popular VPN services on the planet, is running a pretty great promotion for 70-percent off their normal price.

When most people think about online privacy and security, the first thing that comes to mind is hackers. And hackers certainly are a threat, especially for people who like to use the free wifi at their local coffee shop. However, when it comes to basic online privacy, you also have to worry about all the ways your activity is legally being tracked.

Right now, every single thing you do online is logged by your internet service provider. On top of that, you also send out little fragments of information every time you buy something online, or sign up for anything, or create a user account for some website, or click on a link in your Facebook feed. Sometimes these little fragments are used for “retargeting.” That’s when you look at something on Amazon, then see an ad for it on Instagram. These fragments also get collected by data brokerage firms, which piece them all together to create comprehensive digital profiles containing your age, race, gender, height, weight, phone number, email address, physical address, marital status, occupation, income, investments, net worth, home ownership status, religious affiliation, political affiliation, and health issues. Then they sell these profiles online marketers.


What Is A VPN?


If you want to prevent hackers, ISPs, government agencies, and marketers from knowing almost everything about you, you need to get a VPN. If you want to buy something without worrying about stolen credit card numbers, or creepy targeted ads showing up in your social media feed, you need to get a VPN. If you want to download or stream whatever you want, anywhere in the world, you need to get a VPN.

Short for virtual private network, a VPN protects your online security and privacy in two ways. First, it encrypts every piece of data you send out so that nobody can read it. Second, a VPN routes all your online activity through one of their servers, hiding your IP address and thus keeping your identity a secret.

Of course, not all VPN services offer the same level of security and anonymity, and when shopping around there are a few key features you want to look for. For starters, you want a service that uses the latest, most advanced encryption protocols. Also, if you’re going to be doing any streaming (which, of course you are) you want a service doesn’t slow your connection down by routing you through obsolete servers. Last, and most importantly, you want a service that does not keep any logs whatsoever of your activity, not just one that “promises” not to share your information—because that’s one of the main reasons you want a VPN in the first place.

Luckily, NordVPN checks off all those boxes and more. That’s why they were named Best All-Around VPN of 2019 by both PC Magazine and


NordVPN 3-Year Plan


NordVPN uses military grade AES-256 bit encryption to protect your data. They use OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPSec, the two most secure VPN protocols. They offer DNS leak protection and an internet kill switch. They have over 5,000 servers in over 60 countries, which produce some of the fastest connection speeds in the world. And most importantly, because NordVPN is headquartered in Panama, they are not required by law to log users’ activity. That means they never track, collect, or share your data, giving you complete privacy.

On top of all that, NordVPN lets you secure up to six devices with a single subscription, including phones, tablets, laptops, and even routers. They also support all major platforms and operating systems, which means you’ll always be fully protected wherever you are.

The NordVPN 3-Year Plan is an excellent value any time. But when you pay up front for a three-year plan, you get a whopping 70-percent off the monthly price. That reduces the per month cost to just $3.49, saving you a little over $300.

Generally speaking the old maxim “you get what you pay for” still holds true. However, every once in a while a great deal comes along that gives you more that you pay for. And this is one of those times.


Don’t pass it up.

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