• Called the memcomputer, this is the first computer to store and processes info simultaneously. According to Di Ventra, despite his new technology's futuristic promise, "memcomputers can be built with standard technology and operate at room temperature. This puts them on a completely different level of simplicity and cost in manufacturing compared to quantum computers."
  • Such memcomputers could equal or surpass the potential of quantum computers, they say, but because they don't rely on exotic quantum effects are far more easily constructed. Besides solving extremely complex problems involving huge amounts of data, memcomputers can potentially teach us more about how the brain operates, Di Ventra said.
  • Conventional computers store data in one location designated for memory, and transfer it to processors located elsewhere to computer answers. But the human brain combines storage and processing in one place, treating these as one combined entity. First proposed a few years ago, memcomputers likewise combine the storage and processing functions.

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